Cameron Golo 5 and Golo S5

Cameron Golo 5 Putter

The Golo 5 and Golo S5 continue the Scotty Cameron quest to tweak his Select line of putters, he continues to add offerings. Two of his most recent creations are the GoLo 5 and GoLo S5.

These mallet-style Cameron putters feature a compact, rounded profile with a soleplate that utilizes the Cameron Select Weighting technology for what Scotty Cameron calls modern balance and stability. The putter head is about 10 percent smaller than the popular Select GoLo and GoLo S, which remain in the Scotty Cameron Select line. The slightly asymmetric back profile coupled to a pulled-in heel with Cameron classic cavity sight lines are designed to encourage a flowing stroke along an ideal arc.

In addition, Cameron produced two different neck configurations for these two putters. He gave the Cameron GoLo 5 a single bend shaft and the Cameron GoLo S5 a straight, near-center shaft for dynamic Cameron feel and toe flow.

Scotty Cameron Golo 5
Scotty Cameron Golo 5

The GoLo 5 and S5 are the results of working in the field directely with players. For many players, the compact setup instills the confidence and control to make a flowing stroke and sink more puts.

As can be seen throughout the Cameron Select putter family, the GoLo 5 and S5 feature deep-milled faces. They also have Black Mist finishes, Cameron Signature cherry dot graphics in the back and cherry dot weights in the sole. Each Cameron PUtter comes with a stepless shaft made to provide a clean, uninterrupted appearance at address and a Pistolero grip with the dancing Cameron logo to promote a stable feel in a golfer’s hands.

Great Deals on Scotty Cameron Golo Putters

Scotty Cameron GOLO 2015

scotty cameron golo 6

The Cameron GOLO 2015 Putter

With Scotty Cameron’s innovative face-sole core technology engineered into each new Cameron GOLO 2015 putter. Very few sensory perceptions rival the satisfaction of a perfectly struck putt. And, that sensation can be experienced with every roll. The Cameron GOLO family is a collection from Scotty Cameron with the most forward-thinking design thoughts merged into a line that offers a variety of putter shapes and configurations to fit any player’s game. Each Cameron GOLO putter incorporates new multi-material, aircraft-grade aluminum and precision milled 303 stainless steel construction for improved MOI, increased stability and unbelievable forgiveness. The GOLO line combines Scotty Cameron’s affinity for high-performance putters with his decades-long reputation for classic putter design.

The Collectible Scotty Cameron Putters

scotty cameron putter

The development of Scotty Cameron Putters can be divided into 3 distinct periods. Cameron started with his early tour and production models, which included his production line of Mizuno putters. He then developed his fine line of Cameron Golf International models. Scotty Cameron then followed with a line of Titleist putters.

Scotty Cameron early putters were produced from 1991 to 1993. Many of these putters were hand made. These putters are marked “Scott Cameron.” These Scott Cameron putters have markings that are all stamped by hand. The Hand stamping on these putters has some distinguishing characteristics. The letters are rarely straight or inlign, and you can often see excess metal pushed up around the edges of the letters. Scotty also produced some Scotty Cameron engraved putters that do not have the trademark Mizuno name on them. You may see markings on the toe of the putter that display “Private Reserve” or a small gold crown with a 3 digit number. These putters are extremely rare, and collectors value these in the $1000 and $2500 range. Rare Handmade Scotty Cameron putters are often bid up to $5000 to $15,000, it all depends on the putter condition. The Mizuno handstamped putters, which were all tour putters are now worth $1500 to $2500, while the production Mizuno putters are worth $250 to $1250, again all depending on condition and the model.

Scotty Cameron Golf International models are either marked on the sole “Classic 1, II, etc.,” or Scottsman 941, 942, etc.. The complete list of models include the Classic I, 1.5, II, 2.5, III, V, 6 and X and Scottsman 941 through 947. Markings such as “Xperimental Prototype” or “Prototype” are very rare, only 100 of each were released. The Scottsman 943 and 947 are extremely rare, and they command top dollar when they come to market.

Many of the Scotty Cameron Titleist models are fairly common. Examples of these models are the Newport, Newport 1.5, Newport 2, Newport 2.5, Coronado, Sonoma, Catalina, Laguna, Laguna 2.5, Del Mar 2, Del Mar 3, Del Mar 3.5, and Santa Fe. The rarer and more collectible Titeist models are the La Costa, the Napa, and the Classic VII. The Scotty Cameron Titleist Tour models which are marked in a variety of ways, are very valuable and collectible.


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