Cameron Select Putters

Cameron Select Newport and Newport 2 Putters

Cameron Select NEWPORT
At address, every curve melts away, framing the golf ball in a rich, misted metallic sculpture of precision milled stainless steel. Newport’s leading edge engineering for the art of putting—craftsmanship you demand from instruments essential to a life well lived and a game well played. Purpose-built clean and free from distractions, you’ll find the Scotty Cameron Newport absent of sight lines or dots. The Cameron Select Newport, with its bold new graphics, cherry red paint, soft Silver Mist finish and legendary Scotty Cameron design, catapults the heel-and-toe-weighted Newport concept into the stratosphere for a putter that inspires confidence by advancing on the theories Scotty’s mastered over decades of putter making.

Cameron Select NEWPORT 2
When left-brain logic meets right-brain creativity, great things happen. Enter Scotty’s latest Select Newport 2. Every gram of stainless steel is precision milled and hand-finished to give players the ultimate putting experience. Modern, industrial and mechanical, but rooted in the fundamentals; the Newport 2 is Scotty’s flagship design. Crisper lines with a single shaft of offset present the player the perfect alignment guidance for a confident stroke. Bold, cherry red graphics and the deep face milling match passion to performance for a tour proven feel that’s second to none. Balance and aim come together with ideal weighting and crisp lines that enable player and putter to become one.

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