Cameron Laguna 1.5

Cameron Laguna 1.5

The new Cameron Studio Select Laguna 1.5 is a complete re-design of the Cameron Laguna-style putters. the Laguna 1.5 is a complete overhaul that still retains the timeless character of a classic Cmeron design. The Select Laguna Putter now comes standard with all the new bells and whistles. With its new face profile, Scotty Cameron added his signature design concepts; a high toe, a modern triangular heel and the 2° draft sole for square alignment at address. Scotty designed a thicker topline and rolled the edges smooth for visual appeal, as well. These small changes throughout make the Studio Select Laguna 1.5 putter entirely new and exciting.

The Cameron flare neck, a classic Cameron characteristic of most Scotty Cameron .5 designs, which designates a ½ shaft of offset has a new four-way flat milled surface. In another subtle departure from some of his Laguna predecessors, Scotty Cameron designed the neck of the new Select Laguna 1.5 to be milled from the topline with onset; it is then cold-bent by hand for the half-shaft of offset.

The Cameron Laguna 1.5 has a milled sight line in the flange with a dancing Scotty Cameron red cord grip and a stepless shaft that provides a clean view of the golf ball at address. The Scotty Cameron Laguna features Tour-inspired Cherry Dot graphics with translucent red lacquer paintfill, precision milled 303 stainless steel head and factory interchangeable weights—the Cameron Studio Select Laguna 1.5 is a Scotty Cameron complete overhaul of a classic Cameron putter, the Laguna.

Scotty Cameron gun blue LAGUNA 35in


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Scotty Cameron putter 2018 Select Laguna


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