Why eBay is the Best Place to Find a Used Scotty Cameron Putter

used scotty cameron putter

If you are a golf enthusiast, you know the importance of having the right equipment, especially when it comes to your putter. A Scotty Cameron putter is considered one of the best in the industry. they are known for its precision and performance. However, buying a brand new Scotty Cameron putter can be quite expensive. Which is why many golfers turn to eBay to find a used one.

eBay is the best place to find a used Scotty Cameron putter due to several reasons. First and foremost, the platform offers a wide variety of options to choose from. Whether you are looking for a specific model or a limited edition putter. eBay has it all. Unlike physical stores, eBay allows you to browse through a vast selection of used putters from the comfort of your own home.

Secondly, eBay provides a great opportunity to find a Scotty Cameron putter at a more affordable price. Since the putters are used, they often come at a significant discount compared to their brand new counterparts. This makes eBay a budget-friendly option for golfers who still want to experience the quality and craftsmanship of a Scotty Cameron putter without breaking the bank.

Furthermore, eBay offers a platform for sellers to provide detailed descriptions and images of the putters they are selling. This allows potential buyers to thoroughly inspect the condition of the putter before making a purchase. Additionally, eBay has a rating and review system that helps ensure the credibility of the seller. Giving buyers peace of mind when making a transaction.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, eBay also provides a secure payment system and a buyer protection program. This means that if you encounter any issues with your purchase, eBay will step in to help resolve the problem. This level of security and protection is crucial when buying high-value items like Scotty Cameron putters.

In conclusion, eBay is undoubtedly the best place to find a used Scotty Cameron putter. With its wide selection, affordability, detailed product descriptions. And secure payment system, eBay offers golfers a convenient and reliable platform to find their dream putter. So, if you are in the market for a Scotty Cameron putter but don’t want to pay the full price, head over to eBay and start browsing. You never know, you might just find the perfect putter at a great deal!

Scotty Cameron Putter Grips

cameron putter grip

The World’s elite players have looked to Scotty Cameron for years looking for an edge on the game. The Cameron putter brings confidence to their game. And what better way to personalized their putters appearance as well as performance by installing a precision crafted Scotty Cameron putter grips.

Scotty Cameron Newport

cameron newport

The Scotty Cameron Newport has bold, Tour-inspired Cherry Dot graphics, a precision milled 303 stainless steel body, and factory interchangeable weights. The Newport is one of Cameron’s most technologically-advanced putter. The stepless shaft of the Cameron Newport provides a clean appearance at address, and the Newport comes without a milled sight dot or sight line.

Another Classic, The Cameron Newport Putter with its high toe profile which aides in a correct setup at address and its plumbing neck that provides a full shaft of offset, the Studio Select Newport is Scotty Cameron’s definition of a high-performance putter.

Cameron Mizuno Putters

cameron mizuno putters

The development of Scotty Cameron Putters can be divided into 3 distinct periods. Cameron started with his early tour and production models, which included his production line of Mizuno putters. He then developed his fine line of Cameron Golf International models. Scotty Cameron then followed with a line of Titleist putters.

Cameron early putters

Scotty Cameron early putters were produced from 1991 to 1993. Many of these putters were hand made. These putters are marked “Scott Cameron.” These Scott Cameron Mizuno putters have markings that are all stamped by hand. The Hand stamping on these putters has some distinguishing characteristics. The letters are rarely straight or inlign. And you can often see excess metal pushed up around the edges of the letters.

Scotty also produced some Scotty Cameron engraved putters that do not have the trademark Mizuno name on them. You may see markings on the toe of the putter that display “Private Reserve” or a small gold crown with a 3 digit number. These putters are extremely rare, and collectors value these in the $1000 and $2500 range. Rare Handmade Scotty Cameron putters are often bid up to $5000 to $15,000, it all depends on the putter condition. The Mizuno handstamped putters, which were all tour putters are now worth $1500 to $2500. The production Mizuno putters are worth $250 to $1250. It all depends on condition and the model.

Scotty Cameron Golf International models are either marked on the sole “Classic 1, II, etc.,” or Scottsman 941, 942, etc.. The complete list of models include the Classic I, 1.5, II, 2.5, III, V, 6 and X and Scottsman 941 through 947. Markings such as “Xperimental Prototype” or “Prototype” are very rare, only 100 of each were released. The Scottsman 943 and 947 are extremely rare, and they command top dollar when they come to market.

Titleist Models

Many of the Scotty Cameron Titleist models are fairly common. Examples of these models are the Newport, Newport 1.5, Newport 2, Newport 2.5, Coronado, Sonoma, Catalina, Laguna, Laguna 2.5, Del Mar 2, Del Mar 3, Del Mar 3.5, and Santa Fe. The rarer and more collectible Titeist models are the La Costa, the Napa, and the Classic VII. The Scotty Cameron Titleist Tour models which are marked in a variety of ways, are very valuable and collectible.

Cameron CIRCA ’62 Putters

Cameron Circa ’62 Putters

Scotty was Inspired by the classics and crafted the Cameron Circa ’62 Putters line for superior performance on the green. Scotty Cameron stayed true to the timeless styling of this classic milled putter line. Cameron added a rust-resistant, virtually maintenance-free Charcoal Mist finish to the soft carbon steel putter head. This year, Scotty added the No. 7 with its No. 6 inspired b-back flange and a new flowing neck.

Not only are these Cameron Circa ’62 putters easy to care for, but the misted finish also knocks down sun glare for added confidence on the green. The draft sole design and high toe profile aid in proper alignment for putters that set up perfectly at address. The performance engineered Scotty Cameron Circa ’62 putters have been Tour tested for optimum grip weight, headweight, and shaft flex to be truly balanced at 35 inches.

Cameron’s Red and white paintfill matches the red headcover and shaftband with race inspired graphics. The entire Circa ’62 line features the Tour inspired Red Baby T grip for a high performance look and fantastic feel that’s suited to the finest players in the world.

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CIRCA ’62 No.1
Everything about the Scotty Cameron Circa ’62 No. 1 putter—milled smooth and crafted entirely in the U.S.—speaks to the putting purist with an eye for the classics and a demand for total performance on the putting green. Players will notice the familiar Cameron smooth, heel-to-toe flange, its rounded neck and engraved site dot on the topline.

CIRCA ’62 No. 2
Scotty Cameron designed the Circa ’62 No. 2 with a milled back pocket, which perfectly balances weight between the heel and toe. The traditional Cameron engraved site dot on the topline and the rounded, curved neck give a clean look at the ball at address. This genuine Scotty Cameron putter is milled to perfection and assembled entirely in the U.S.—the Cameron Circa ’62No. 2 is a performance focused putter with deep roots in the Classics and Handmades.

CIRCA ’62 No. 3
The Cameron Circa ’62 No.3 has a milled back pocket, engraved site dot on the topline, and a flat-front plumbing neck for those players who prefer a socket shafted setup. As a genuine Scotty Cameron putter it is milled and assembled entirely in the U.S.A. The CIRCA No. 3 is another hi performance putter with deep roots that include Classic and Handmade putters.

CIRCA ’62 No. 6
The Scotty Cameron Circa ’62 No. 6 replaced the No. 5 that was released in 2006. This Cameron putter model is the wider bodied putter in the line. It has a plumbing neck, B-back flange, and a similar high-toe face profile as the other models in this year’s lineup. Made in the U.S.A. with pride The classic looking, modern, high-performance Scotty Cameron No. 6 is sure to inspire confidence on the greens along with envy and intrigue from your playing partners.

CIRCA ’62 No. 7
The Scotty Cameron Circa ’62 No. 7 made its debut in the 2008 line as an additional wide bodied putter, but with a flow neck rather than the angular plumbing neck. The B-back flange, and a famililar high toe face profile will look familiar to players who like the Cameron No. 6. This Scotty Cameron putter is proudly Made in the U.S.A. The classic-looking, yet modern, high-performance Cameron CIRCA ’62 No. 7 is the newest member of the Circa family of quality putters.

Scotty Cameron Circle T Putter

cameron circle t putter

Cameron Circle T Putter

The popular Scotty Cameron Circle T Putters have racked up some impressive Worldwide Winners Stats on tour and at the U.S. Open, Brithish Open, PGA Championship and The Masters. With 62 Major Wins in 2006, 44 Major Wins in 2007 and over 54 Major Wins in 2008.

The Trademark Scotty Circle T designates that the putter was made for the tour. Scotty Cameron shows that he has a sense of humor and has made a Circle L that he made for his friends. The L designates “Loser” and was made by Scotty for fun.

Find a great deal on a Cameron Circle T Putter right here. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often as the inventory changes daily and popular models and styles can go very fast.

Scotty Cameron Coins

scotty cameron coins

Scotty Cameron Coins

New in late 2008, 3 Scotty Cameron Coins were released The most popular Cameron Coin has been the Lucky Clover. They were very popular and sold out very quickly. But you are in luck as there are several Cameron Coins available right here, so if you are interested you need to act fast as the Scotty Cameron Coins are highly sought after Collectibles and move quickly.

Imagine a happy, peaceful place when making your next putt. It can happen. All you need is one of the new Scotty Cameron Peace Coins. Milled from the 303 stainless steel bar stock used to make Cameron Studio Select weights. Cameron Coins are top-shelf ball markers that are as cool looking as they are functional on the greens

Be sure to book mark this page so you can find a great deal on Highly desirable and sought after Scotty Cameron Coins.

Cameron Golo 5 and Golo S5

Cameron Golo 5 Putter

The Golo 5 and Golo S5 continue the Scotty Cameron quest to tweak his Select line of putters, he continues to add offerings. Two of his most recent creations are the GoLo 5 and GoLo S5.

These mallet-style Cameron putters feature a compact, rounded profile with a soleplate that utilizes the Cameron Select Weighting technology for what Scotty Cameron calls modern balance and stability. The putter head is about 10 percent smaller than the popular Select GoLo and GoLo S, which remain in the Scotty Cameron Select line. The slightly asymmetric back profile coupled to a pulled-in heel with Cameron classic cavity sight lines are designed to encourage a flowing stroke along an ideal arc.

In addition, Cameron produced two different neck configurations for these two putters. He gave the Cameron GoLo 5 a single bend shaft and the Cameron GoLo S5 a straight, near-center shaft for dynamic Cameron feel and toe flow.

Scotty Cameron Golo 5
Scotty Cameron Golo 5

The GoLo 5 and S5 are the results of working in the field directely with players. For many players, the compact setup instills the confidence and control to make a flowing stroke and sink more puts.

As can be seen throughout the Cameron Select putter family, the GoLo 5 and S5 feature deep-milled faces. They also have Black Mist finishes, Cameron Signature cherry dot graphics in the back and cherry dot weights in the sole. Each Cameron PUtter comes with a stepless shaft made to provide a clean, uninterrupted appearance at address and a Pistolero grip with the dancing Cameron logo to promote a stable feel in a golfer’s hands.

Great Deals on Scotty Cameron Golo Putters

Scotty Cameron California

Scotty Cameron California

The Scotty Cameron California is Scotty’s latest putter line. It embodies all of the unique attributes that make Cameron milled putters instruments of putting art. Cameron Putters feature high-quality, precision-milled stainless steel; refined and masterful design aesthetics. Cameron’s tour-proven putter designs with customizable specifications; smart, interchangeable weight sytem and classic accessories to match every players desires.

Simply entitled California, the new Cameron putter line includes the milled-from-the-block Coronado pintail, compact Sonoma wide-body, elegant Monterey blade and refined Del Mar mid-mallet.

Named after some of Scotty Cameron favorite California towns, each high-toe model merges the best of classic, old world putter design with modern, performance-based technology. Classic Cameron Interchangeable sole weights give players the ability to match a putter’s headweight to a preferred length, while the misted honey dipped finish complemented with translucent merlot and French vanilla paintfill will remind players of a golden California evening as the sun dips into the Pacific.

The Scotty Cameron California is modern and classic working together like cool jazz and fine wine.

Cameron 2009 Studio Select Kombi

Studio Select Kombi

Scotty Cameron added the Studio Select Kombi to his fine line of quality putters. This new for 2009 advanced Cameron Mallet design is available in Standard (33″, 34″, 35″), Mid (42″, 43″, 44″) and Long (48″, 50″) shaft designs.

Scotty Cameron Kombi putters feature the Classic Studio Select heel and toe weighting technology to ensure proper headweight-to-length properties and provide multiple length options. A third weighting point which is factory adjustable on the Standard Cameron Kombi is non- adjustable on the Cameron Kombi Mid or Kombi Long models. This weighting option pushes the CG deep to stabilize the Kombi putter throughout the golf stroke for a great roll and unmatched feel and sound.

The player-inspired shape flows into the ground from topline to rear, giving the Cameron Kombi putters a pleasing look in the playing position. The clean, misted topline with a high-contrast T-shaped sightline reduces visual thickness and makes face alignment easy. Kombi putters also feature a clean, double-bend stepless shaft with a full shaft of offset for an unobstructed look at ball address.

Studio Select Kombi H putters, available in 34″ and 35″ models, feature a heavier head (+10g) to provide a heavier feel that is preferred by some of today’s players. The Scotty Cameron Studio Select Kombi H models are custom built at Titleist and can be identified by a special Circle H shaft band.

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