Cameron CIRCA ’62 Putters

Cameron Circa ’62 Putters

Scotty was Inspired by the classics and crafted the Cameron Circa ’62 Putters line for superior performance on the green. Scotty Cameron stayed true to the timeless styling of this classic milled putter line. Cameron added a rust-resistant, virtually maintenance-free Charcoal Mist finish to the soft carbon steel putter head. This year, Scotty added the No. 7 with its No. 6 inspired b-back flange and a new flowing neck.

Not only are these Cameron Circa ’62 putters easy to care for, but the misted finish also knocks down sun glare for added confidence on the green. The draft sole design and high toe profile aid in proper alignment for putters that set up perfectly at address. The performance engineered Scotty Cameron Circa ’62 putters have been Tour tested for optimum grip weight, headweight, and shaft flex to be truly balanced at 35 inches.

Cameron’s Red and white paintfill matches the red headcover and shaftband with race inspired graphics. The entire Circa ’62 line features the Tour inspired Red Baby T grip for a high performance look and fantastic feel that’s suited to the finest players in the world.

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CIRCA ’62 No.1
Everything about the Scotty Cameron Circa ’62 No. 1 putter—milled smooth and crafted entirely in the U.S.—speaks to the putting purist with an eye for the classics and a demand for total performance on the putting green. Players will notice the familiar Cameron smooth, heel-to-toe flange, its rounded neck and engraved site dot on the topline.

CIRCA ’62 No. 2
Scotty Cameron designed the Circa ’62 No. 2 with a milled back pocket, which perfectly balances weight between the heel and toe. The traditional Cameron engraved site dot on the topline and the rounded, curved neck give a clean look at the ball at address. This genuine Scotty Cameron putter is milled to perfection and assembled entirely in the U.S.—the Cameron Circa ’62No. 2 is a performance focused putter with deep roots in the Classics and Handmades.

CIRCA ’62 No. 3
The Cameron Circa ’62 No.3 has a milled back pocket, engraved site dot on the topline, and a flat-front plumbing neck for those players who prefer a socket shafted setup. As a genuine Scotty Cameron putter it is milled and assembled entirely in the U.S.A. The CIRCA No. 3 is another hi performance putter with deep roots that include Classic and Handmade putters.

CIRCA ’62 No. 6
The Scotty Cameron Circa ’62 No. 6 replaced the No. 5 that was released in 2006. This Cameron putter model is the wider bodied putter in the line. It has a plumbing neck, B-back flange, and a similar high-toe face profile as the other models in this year’s lineup. Made in the U.S.A. with pride The classic looking, modern, high-performance Scotty Cameron No. 6 is sure to inspire confidence on the greens along with envy and intrigue from your playing partners.

CIRCA ’62 No. 7
The Scotty Cameron Circa ’62 No. 7 made its debut in the 2008 line as an additional wide bodied putter, but with a flow neck rather than the angular plumbing neck. The B-back flange, and a famililar high toe face profile will look familiar to players who like the Cameron No. 6. This Scotty Cameron putter is proudly Made in the U.S.A. The classic-looking, yet modern, high-performance Cameron CIRCA ’62 No. 7 is the newest member of the Circa family of quality putters.

Scotty Cameron Circa 62 No 3 Early release

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Scotty Cameron Studio Circa 62 Model No. 6 Putter

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Scotty Cameron Circa 62 No. 6

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Titleist Scotty Cameron Model 7 Circa 62


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