Studio Select Squareback 1

Scotty Cameron's Tour-proven and now production-ready, the Squareback 1 is a Studio Select production model after a season on the PGA Tour as an Xperimental Prototype. Scotty Cameron  fine-tuned this sought-after design to include a double bend shaft-over-spud setup for those seeking a nearly face-balanced mallet. With a half shaft of offset, players get a clean look at address and a silky smooth feel at impact.

The Cameron Tour-proven Squareback will remind players of the Classic Cameron Newport head style with its familiar lines, including the milled sight line in the flange. However, it’s the signature square flange that Scotty designed that gave the putter its name.

The Scotty Cameron Squareback 1 maintains the same headweight as other Studio Select models, but it has a slightly thicker topline. This model also continues Scotty's technologically-advanced Studio Select putter design aesthetic with its bold, Tour-inspired Cherry Dot graphics, precision milled 303 stainless steel head, and interchangeable weights.

Sole weights can be changed to suit a player's preferred setup relative to putter length and desired headweight. Sole weights for the Cameron Squareback 1 are different than on other Studio Select putters due to the putter’s wider profile. Don't forget to include genuine Scotty Cameron grips, headcovers and more to your purchase.